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Medical Science Liaison Tx Netherlands

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It’s all about connecting the right people.

Gregory, Medical Science Liaison Tx Netherlands

  1. Organizing medical education
  2. Creating awareness for Sialorrhea 
  3. Working on new digital offerings
  4. Expanding the network with physicians

I joined Merz Therapeutics in October 2021 as a Medical Science Liaison. It is my first job in medical affairs. Being the only Benelux employee in medical affairs made the start of my Merz journey an exciting challenge. Thanks to hard work and the support of my colleagues, I learned a lot in the past two years. To keep contributing to our mission, I plan to continuously increase my knowledge and improve my skills in the years to come.

I am lucky to have a job where I can actually make a change. Although I rarely have conversations with patients, I interact with healthcare professionals and patient organizations daily. By listening to their experiences and determining their needs, I try to create an imaginary cobweb where I serve as the spider. It’s all about connecting the right people so they can learn from each other. In the end, they are the experts contributing to better outcomes for more patients by directly interacting with these patients.

My most special moment at Merz was during my first week at the job. I attended a workshop on dystonia where a patient was treated. The room got quiet, as it was a very confronting moment. Seeing the impact dystonia had on this young man’s life made a lasting impression on me. It motivates me to get up in the morning and do my job.

A one-word description would be ‘varied’. I take care of medical affairs and digital innovation in the Benelux region. Therefore, I spend time at the office, participating in meetings about various projects and topics. Additionally, I visit all kinds of healthcare professionals, patient organizations, and symposia to engage in clinical trials, organize educational projects, present scientific publications and create opportunities that will benefit patients. Some days it is a 9 to 5 job but being flexible and willing to work long days too is an absolute necessity. It truly is an amazing job.

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