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Passion for our patients.

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First we understand. Then we help.

Patients’ wellbeing as benchmark

To live up to our vision and bring better outcomes to more patients, we focus on the needs of patients in everything we do. In order to define what is really needed, we actively collaborate with patient organisations, healthcare providers and business partners. Our clinical development programs mirror the real-world challenges that patients, carers and clinicians face every day. We investigate innovative and flexible treatment options that meet the individual therapeutic needs of every affected person and offer real added value to their quality of life.

Patient stories

Closer to every patient

We are well aware of the challenges our patients face every day. Knowing that with our therapeutic solutions we provide life-changing assistance and improve their quality of life, motivates us to continue to do our best.

Get to know their stories.


Calum is affected by cerebral palsy. He talks about how important it is to accept ourselves.


Lynne, who lives with dystonia (blepharospasms), and her partner talk about their long road to diagnosis and what treatment was able to achieve in a very short time.

Patient voices

What matters to us.

Our motivation arises from the experience of our patients. When we see that their medical conditions are improved by our efforts and that we can improve their quality of life, that’s what drives us further. Get to know our patients and their stories to understand our mission.

Insights into their experiences:

I am 40 years old, I had a stroke 10 years ago. Since then, the whole right side of my body is spastic. My goal is to make further progress and maintain my independence as long as possible.


Patient voices - Emmanuel – Treatment of spasticity
Patient voices - Calum – Treatment of cerebral palsy

Having cerebral palsy, I struggle with any activity that you would use two hands for normally. I wasn’t able to tie my shoe laces until I was about 15. But I found a way, so I now I can do it with one hand, which is really good.


If you have Parkinson’s, people stare anyway but if the saliva runs … you can’t really be among people anymore, you're marginalised.


Patient voices - Helmut – Treatment of Parkinson’s
Patient voices - Lynne – Treatment of Dystonia

I have dystonia. For five years, my husband, my children and my mother had to accompany me everywhere.


Patient organisations

Helping together

We work closely with different patient organisations. As such, we can better understand and serve the needs of patients and healthcare providers. It also allows us to share valuable knowledge, resources and networks with each other because we also share the same goal – to improve the situation of people living with severe diseases such as dystonia or cerebral palsy.

SAFE - Stroke Alliance for Europe

SAFE (Stroke Alliance for Europe)

The non-profit alliance represents a range of stroke support organisations from across Europe. Its vision is to work towards a significant reduction in the number of strokes in Europe, so that all affected people receive the help and support they need.

In partnership with SAFE we have developed Life With Spasticity, an educational online platform intended to provide comprehensive information and motivational support for stroke survivors who experience post-stroke spasticity.

Dystonia Europe

Dystonia Europe

Dystonia Europe is the international platform at the European level for all dystonia stakeholders. It aims to benefit patients and their families by promoting greater interest in dystonia and stimulating research for more effective treatment and, ultimately, finding a cure. The platform also provides possibilities for members to add value to their own activities and services.

We support the work of Dystonia Europe financially. As a platinum sponsor, we are grateful to be able to benefit from their expertise and advice in meetings or in the development of information material.


Parkinson’s Europe

The Parkinson’s Europe has been advocating and working with the global Parkinson’s community for 30 years. Providing information and resources to all stakeholders, raising awareness of the disease’s complexities and impact and engaging for concrete policy change that benefits the Parkinson’s community are its main activities.

We have partnered with the Parkinson’s Europe as a diamond sponsor and are working together to create awareness about the prevalence and burden of the often underdiagnosed and undertreated symptom of sialorrhea (drooling).