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Merz Therapeutics Achieves Global Recognition as a Great Place to Work®

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Ten of the Merz Therapeutics subsidiaries’ participating countries received the Great Place to Work® employer certifications


In a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, Merz Therapeutics is proud to announce its recent triumph in the Great Place to Work® certification process across ten participating countries. As we approach the festive season, this recognition serves as a fitting celebration of our collective achievements and the positive workplace culture we have cultivated.

We are delighted to share that Merz Therapeutics has successfully secured the prestigious Great Place to Work® certification in all ten participating countries. This includes Germany, USA, Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Spain, Sweden, UK, Italy and France. The comprehensive nature of this certification process underscores the universal recognition of Merz Therapeutics as an exceptional employer, one that is deeply committed to a meaningful purpose and places its people at the forefront of its mission. “We stand for excellence and a workplace where innovation, fairness, and employee well-being are valued and ingrained in our corporate DNA. And we are incredibly proud to receive the confirmation of being a great place to work”, – says Florian Marquardt, vice president and head of Global HR at Merz Therapeutics.


In October 2023, 87% of our colleagues raised their voices in the comprehensive Great Place to Work® survey, offering valuable insights into the very essence of our company culture and collaborative working environment. This endeavor involved a meticulous examination of survey results and a local culture questionnaire, providing a holistic view of our organization’s ethos and serving as the decision factor in awarding the certification in each participating country.

An outstanding 91% of our workforce has voiced their agreement with the statement, “This is a great place to work,” reflecting a level of satisfaction within our organization. The survey’s in-depth evaluation across various categories revealed that “pride” and “camaraderie” received particularly high ratings, both standing at an impressive 87%. Notably, our achievements extend to key categories such as “credibility” (85%), “fairness” (83%), and “respect” (83%), further affirming Merz Therapeutics as a workplace where people truly come first, making it a great place to work. As we continue to analyze the survey results, we remain committed to further enhancing our workplace based on the insights gathered.

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