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Lower Polygone


What defines us.

We never lose sight of what really matters: better outcomes for more patients. Our founder’s example, a clear vision and strong values are the pillars of our success in the present and in the future.



Our Expertise.

We seek to address the unique needs of people who suffer from movement disorders, neurological conditions, and other health conditions that severely impact patients’ quality of life.


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Passion for our patients.

From clinical factors to accessibility, every aspect of our portfolio is tailored to meet the needs of people living with movement disorders. Our active clinical development program is designed to help more people benefit from the proven results of our treatments and provide clinicians with the evidence and support they need to make thoughtful decisions about patient care.



A company culture of caring and support.

As a company of people who have chosen to focus our work on making a meaningful difference in the lives of patients affected by movement disorders, we are as united in our compassion as we are diverse in our perspectives and experiences. Our tightknit organization thrives in a company culture defined by community, connection and mutual support. We care about each other just as intensely as we care about our work.


Open to opportunities.

Merz has a history of successful and diverse partnerships. The most impactful results come from combining resources, experience and perspectives, and we look forward to those partnerships that will bring meaningful solutions to more patients.