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Years of professional experience


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Every perspective at Merz Therapeutics is valuable and warranted.

Vincent, Senior Territory Business Manager

  1. Develop and maintain long-term relationships with healthcare providers treating movement disorder patients
  2. Create opportunities of growth within our product sphere
  3. Cross-Collaborate with intradepartmental team members to provide total clinic support
  4. Share best practices to continue training and development within our salesforce

I started my career at Merz in 2016 as a part of the inside sales team for Merz Aesthetics. After some success in the role, I garnered a greater curiosity for Therapeutics, and I decided to reach out to some leaders in the business unit to further explain their roles and perspectives. In a short time, I had the opportunity to provide coverage for vacancies within the Therapeutics U.S. field sales team. The culture of this organization engulfed me, and I was even more inspired to provide as much support as I can to continue success. After providing support to multiple territories and engaging with whitespace accounts, I earned a promotion to Territory Business Manager for Raleigh, North Carolina in 2018. The growth in my career can be directly attributed to Merz Therapeutics leadership’s belief in my ability and potential. I am now a Senior Territory Business Manager and Regional Field Trainer in the U.S. Southeast Region.

Being a part of a family-owned company, I utilize the family’s example set for us by providing dedicated support to my entire cross-functional team members. When I initiate an account and then follow up with an entire support team behind me, providers feel a deeper connection with Merz Therapeutics and our goal to support as many of their patients as we can.

As part of our commitment to patient advocacy, we have continued to be a supporter of Moving Day for the Parkinson’s Foundation. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we could only support virtually but my family and I were asked to greet participants in a short video clip. My 13-month-old daughter at the time decided to join me and took over the show. Her short time on screen brought smiles to many patients and caregivers.

A typical day as a territory business manager requires visits to clinic offices that may not have used our product yet to educate appropriate healthcare providers on our product. For offices that do use our product, I can facilitate additional conversations as needed to support patient access to our product. In role, we maintain current customers and prospect new opportunities to grow more injectors that treat patients with our FDA-approved indications. Daily, I interact with our Reimbursement Access Team as they support patient access to our product, including our patient savings program and Merz Connect program. Working with hospital institutions or private practice provides new opportunities to educate others on our product’s story.

Merz believes in creating distinct connections with every employee that provides a team-oriented approach. This creates value in our messaging to customers and interactions with our colleagues. Every perspective is valuable and warranted.

The trust our organization has in our colleagues to execute our messaging and gain success in our accounts.

Merz’s working culture is cohesive and fast-moving. The corporate team creates great opportunities to hear and execute on feedback from the field and vice versa. It is an innovative environment extending resources to fit the needs of patients and providers.

Each team member brings value to the organization and creates the opportunity for better collaboration. Every team member is focused on one goal to provide better outcomes for more patients.

Choose an organization that is patient-focused, employee-oriented, and consistently innovative in its space.