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As a company of people who have chosen to focus our work on making a meaningful difference in the lives of patients affected by movement disorders, we are as united in our compassion as we are diverse in our perspectives and experiences.


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The average age of our employees


Different nationalities


700 employees around the world


The average years of service per employee

Culture of care

Persistent passion with a singular focus

Our tightknit organization thrives in a company culture defined by community, connection and mutual support. We care about each other just as intensely as we care about our work.

As part of a focused organization with a clear mission, each person across our teams has an opportunity to expand their skills, propose bold ideas and pursue ambitious career goals with the support of people who are invested in their success.

With the backing of a family-owned multinational company dedicated to long-term success in focused areas of healthcare, Merz Therapeutics U.S. is empowered to take a long-term view toward achieving better outcomes for patients, providers and our employees.

We strive to be a place where distinctive voices and people with diverse experiences can find lasting comfort, inclusion and engagement.

We aspire to be the employer of choice driven by a culture of values, agility and innovation where each employee is fully engaged to bring better outcomes to more patients.

Global HR Team, Merz Therapeutics


Embodying our culture of care

We ensure that each of our employees finds their ideal work-life balance and receives the appreciation they deserve. Furthermore, as a healthcare company, we are committed to offering various health-promoting measures in addition to a productive and caring working environment.

We design the specific benefits differently depending on the region and local culture in order to best meet the needs of our employees. They comply with the respective national regulations and are regularly reviewed and optimized.



Financial recognition and support


Work-life balance


Health and wellbeing


Culture of care and respect

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Get to know our colleagues

Get to know Hadley.

Hadley’s story of growth at Merz is unmatched. Starting as an intern, Hadley built on her career journey to become Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety for North America.

Mike’s story at Merz Therapeutics.

Working at the corporate office and in the field, Mike has seen it all. Hear Mike’s story in medical affairs and the fufillment he finds at Merz Therapeutics.


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Are you a student, young professional, established professional or looking for a senior leadership position? No matter where you are in your professional career, at Merz Therapeutics U.S. we offer you many job opportunities worldwide.

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